Organizational Development

We work with organizations who wish to initiate and coordinate actions that align business and financial goals with leadership and human capital initiatives to ensure flexibility and efficiency.

During periods of change and transition, organizations need to master unique challenges to achieve their business objectives. This is especially true when their strategy requires a talented workforce and  sophisticated or innovative client services.

Strategic Communication

Understand how and when to communicate to different audiences and achieve commitment and chosen outcomes. Inspire talents and manage stakeholder throughout the organization.

Client Relationships

Understand client needs and consumer behavior in the new economy and develop effective client relationship strategies and approaches.

Organizational Culture

Assess employee engagement and organizational culture, determine gaps between actual and desired engagement or culture, and implement tools and processes to make any necessary adjustments to support business goals.


Business and Leadership Coaching

We help leaders reach their personal or team objectives and find an authentic style in how they inspire others, make decisions, manage stakeholders, and develop client services.

Organizations with skilled leaders are more flexible and proactive. They are more likely to drive innovation and performance and to ensure coordinated strategy implementation.

Leadership Development

Depending on their needs and goals, leaders and their teams may wish to develop the following:

Adaptive Leadership
Cross-Cultural Communication
Behavioral Finance and Economics
Political Acumen
Influencing and Negotiating
Social and Emotional Competence Conflict Management
Client Acquisition
Client Relationships

Intergroup Collaboration

Conduct a needs analysis and develop a common language that eliminates wasteful practices and increase efficiency. Foster intergroup or interdepartmental communication and collaboration through shared values, principles, and practices.


Human Capital Risk Management

We assess, manage, or prevent human capital risk and provide expertise in crisis management, decision-making when faced with high uncertainty, and conflict management.

Most human capital risks can be avoided or minimized when they are understood and when the appropriate mechanisms are in place.

Crisis Management

Assess potential human capital risk and implement a strategy that will reassure employees and clients, avoid unnecessary fear and anxiety, and promote a workplace environment in which the crisis can be rapidly mastered.


Assess how turbulence and uncertainty can influence decision-making at the individual and group level and lead to potential paralysis or errors. Develop skills and strategies to improve decision-making in challenging times.

Conflict Management

Assess and understand potential conflict mechanisms and implement a conflict management process that allows for rapid response.

Workplace Health Promotion

Assess and monitor potential risks at the organizational, group, and individual level and implement measures to avoid unnecessary stress and burnout.

Guiding Principles

We are commited to developing real partnerships with our clients, and we respect the following principles:

  • Goal-oriented: We deliver tangible results in a short period of time.
  • Measurable: At the begining of a new project, we select progress indicators and determine key deliverables.
  • Visual: We favor visual methods, making the abstract easy to grasp.
  • Process-oriented: We help you translate your ideas in a step by step approach, allowing you to adapt solutions to what really works in your context.
  • Interdisciplinary: We love teamwork, and have developed a network of partners from various disciplines to help you find the best solution or approach.
  • Continuous improvement: We have a history of developing long-term relationships with our clients, based on trust and continous feedback or monitoring.

Organizational Development

  • You have to close a production site, sell a business, or reorganize your company workforce  
  • You need to upscale your competencies and processes due to fast growth (start-up) or after a merger or acquisition
  • Your new CEO  or head  of a key business unit would like to successfully leave his or her mark in the first 90 days of office
  • You are planning a major strategic reorientation (products, clients, markets)
  • You want to implement a new business strategy 
  • Your are thinking about transferring part of your business to another country
  • You need to adapt your organizational culture to support a  new business strategy
  • You want to improve interdepartmental collaboration
  • You want to reduce the time wasted with poorly implemented human resources or human capital processes
  • You need a new client relationship culture and approach

Business and Leadership Coaching

  • You are moving up to a challenging new position
  • You are dealing with a major restructuring of a leadership team or board
  • Your cross-functional or cross-regional team lacks credibility, legitimacy, or influence
  • Implementation of your new business strategy requires major changes in how teams function
  • You have major conflicts or disciplinary problems in a department or unit
  • You would like your interdepartmental heads to collaborate more effectively
  • You need to develop a corporate leadership style that  supports productivity and collaboration
  • You want your leaders to speak a common language and communicate more effectively
  • You are faced with numerous intercultural misunderstandings or conflicts  

Human Capital Risk Management

  • Your decision-making roles and responsibilities are poorly defined and you fail to make decisions in a timely fashion
  • Your decision-making processes are ineffective or causing confusion, frustration, or standstill
  • You need to develop your decision-making process for compliance purposes and  to reduce unnecessary biases or errors
  • Your leaders need to inform, inspire, and influence the right people at the right time during periods of change and transition
  • Your managers need to learn how to communicate difficult (technical, scientific) or challenging (high potential for conflict or strong emotions) information while maintaining motivation and productivity
  • Your productivity and client relations are suffering due to absenteeism, long-term sick leave, burnout, stress, conflicts
  • You want to make sure your talents remain productive and healthy during intensive work phases
  • You want to avoid accidents and mistakes due to fatigue and stress


To support our interventions, we have developed or acquired on-line tools and instruments.

Diagnosis:  To provide data when conducting "as is" analyses in your organization or team, we can use specialized on-line diagnostic tools.

Psychometrics: To support leadership and team development, we can use on-line tools to measure corporate and team culture and climate, leadership styles, 360 degree perceptions, and personality.

Performance Indicators: To measure progress, we can implement a systematic performance indicator monitoring system.

Collaborative IT Environment: To  support creative leadership development and team innovation, we can use a virtual collaborative workspace.

Tools are generally available in English, French, and German.

Client Direct Access

Collaboration Hub

Pimetrics serves as a collaboration hub for a network of experts. We have two major forms of collaboration:

Content Collaboration Network

A network of specialists in organizational development, business and leadership coaching, and human capital risk management. We collaborate with these experts when projects require additional or complementary skills and creativity.

Information Technology Network

We develop on-line tools and instruments in collaboration with external experts and scientists and manage them on our site.

About us

Dr Tanja Wranik, Master in Business Communication, Doctor in Work and Organizational Psychology, specialization in Behavioral Finance and Economics.Certified Professional Coach, PCC, ICF.

Tanja is a global leadership professional with over twenty years of experience in organizational and leadership development. She started her career in human resources in Germany and corporate affairs and lobbying in Brussels before obtaining a scholarship to pursue a doctoral degree. During this time she specialized in social and emotional intelligence and behavioral finance and economics while working at the Swiss Center for the Affective Sciences and Yale University. Since 2004, she has been providing consulting services in the domains of human capital strategy design and implementation, organizational and team development, and human capital risk management. She has also developed executive and post graduate education programs and teaches at several European Universities and Business Schools. She works in English, French, and German.

Michel Odehnal, Master of Science. Certified Coach.

Michel has over twenty years of experience in human capital risk management, assessment, and IT development. He has created numerous IT-applications and interactive tools for psychometric and biometric data acquisition and tracking for universities and organizations. He currently develops and manages progress indicators, personalized assessment, and audits for organizations, teams, and individuals. He works in English, German, and French.